Covid-19 Information for Centres and Learners

VCRF and Teacher Assessed Grades

In response to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, Ofqual has published an interim framework for regulated qualifications: the VTQ Contingency Regulatory Framework – VCRF

Please see the 1st4sport VCRF Position Statement for our response to this

For Category A qualifications, it is expected that assessment will continue as intended, in some cases in an adapted form or following a delay. Please see the 1st4sport Adaptations Position Statement for further information about this

For Category B qualifications, if scheduled standardised assessment tasks are not able to be undertaken/ completed, the VCRF allows awarding organisations to issue results on the basis of tutor/ assessor judgements of learners’ performance (known as ‘Teacher Assessed Grades or TAGs). These judgements are based on a record of evidence related to learner performance.

A list of 1st4sport qualifications by category is included in the VCRF position statement. Our qualifications which are eligible for the application of TAGs are:

  • L2 Certificate Active Leisure, Sport and Physical Activity
  • L2 Diploma Coaching Sport and Instructing Physical Activities
  • L3 Diploma Sport and Physical Activities

1st4sport has maintained liaison activities with our recognised centres over the Covid-19 period, including regular briefing communications and our colleagues in Centre Services are available for ongoing support and guidance alongside your allocated External Quality Assurer (EQA). Please do get in touch if you need us.

The latest briefing communication, concerning summer results, delayed assessments and centre/ learner appeals (issued July) is available below

Given the unprecedent disruption to learning and assessment caused by Covid-19, centres are encouraged to refamiliarise themselves with the following documents:

Appeals During the Covid-19 Period

Since the spring of 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic has caused substantial disruption to teaching, learning and assessment activity across our educational communities. Throughout this time, 1st4sport has been committed to supporting centres who deliver our qualifications in mitigating the impact of the pandemic on learners’ attainment, certification and progression. This has included making adaptations to assessment and learning, the granting of special consideration to extend learners’ registration periods and where applicable, supporting our centres in the application of fair and equitable teacher assessed grades, if assessment has not been able to take place.

However, we recognise that with the best of intentions, things can still go wrong. If you have received an assessment outcome which you feel is unfairly unrepresentative of your performance, and the reasons for this were related to the impact of Covid-19 on your learning or assessment experience, you are able to submit an appeal.

You must appeal to your delivery centre initially using their published appeals process and in line with their policy. If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of that appeal, you may appeal directly to 1st4sport, using the appeal report form below.

If your appeal concerns a Teacher Assessed Grade that has been applied to you (learners registered on Activetech qualifications only), please be advised that alongside an appeal being submitted on the grounds of an administrative or procedural error on the part of either your centre or 1st4sport, you may also appeal on the grounds that there has been an unreasonable exercise of academic judgement when deciding on your teacher assessed grade – this means you have reason to believe – and can explain/ support – why you think the Teacher Assessed Grade is not an accurate reflection of your performance.

Please contact the Centre Services team if you need support concerning an appeal to 1st4sport.