Volunteer management

The Job

To develop qualifications to support and develop those managing, or wanting to manage, volunteers in sport.

The Solution

runningsports ran a workshop programme designed to support volunteer managers in sports organisations and clubs. It wanted to formally recognise the volunteers’ learning by providing a nationally accredited qualification that was flexible in its approach to delivery and assessment. The 1st4sport Level 3 Certificate in Managing Sports Volunteers was developed to meet its needs and those of the learners. Assessment is made through completion of written tasks, work-based experience and evidence gathering, or a combination of both.

The Results/Benefits

The work turned a credible and valued workshop programme into a qualification that meets the needs of the learners and the sector. Learners now benefit from being able to achieve an accredited qualification, specific to managing volunteers in their sporting context. The qualification can be delivered flexibly, responding to the learner’s level of experience. Learners can opt to attend some or all of the learning programme, depending on experience, and can base their assessment on their normal work as a volunteer manager. The qualification has now been recognised by Volunteering England and other volunteering organisations (eg National Association of Voluntary Community Action).