Lawn Tennis Association

The Job

To evolve tennis coaching awards into nationally accredited qualifications and support the LTA’s aspiration to achieve UKCC endorsement for their coach education programmes.

The Solution

Tennis coaching awards were previously delivered and awarded predominantly by the governing body of sport, the LTA. In order to progress and professionalise tennis coaching, the LTA wanted to align its coach education programmes with UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) endorsement process and the national occupational standards for coaching. The LTA’s vision included developing better qualified coaches who would, in turn, produce a better coaching experience for tennis players.

To fulfil this requirement, 1st4sport Qualifications worked with the LTA to redevelop its qualification provision to meet the requirements of, and for 1st4sport to gain accreditation on, the National Qualifications Framework. Once accredited, 1st4sport continued to support them by awarding the qualifications, leaving the sport to focus on their workforce.

In addition we have worked successfully with the LTA to produce extensive learning and assessment materials for learners working towards a 1st4sport tennis coaching qualification.

The Results/Benefits

The LTA currently has three nationally accredited qualifications through 1st4sport sitting on the National Qualifications Framework: the 1st4sport Level 1 and Level 2 Certificates in Coaching Tennis, and the 1st4sport Level 2 NVQ in Sport, Recreation and Allied Occupations: Coaching, Teaching and Instructing Tennis.

Two of these qualifications have contributed to the LTA gaining UKCC endorsement for their associated Coach Education Programmes. The LTA have opened up their qualifications to other organisations, delivering improved Coach Education Programmes as a result. Supported by comprehensive resources, and facilitated and quality assured by an appropriately qualified workforce, these programmes improve the overall coaching experience for tennis players.

What the Client Says

“The result of the work we have undertaken with 1st4sport has revolutionised the delivery and availability of coaching qualifications throughout the country.
It has enabled the sport to move to a more open market place with many training providers delivering qualifications. It has also enabled and empowered the LTA to enhance the tutor training and the quality of delivery throughout the country”

Jane Bowen, Coach Education Manager, Lawn Tennis Association