Rounders England

The Job

To help develop rounders coaching qualification content and assessment resources, the submission of the resultant qualifications to Ofqual, to enable them to be awarded by 1st4sport on the appropriate national framework. In addition we helped the sport identify and support the training of a tutor and assessor workforce to facilitate the delivery and assessment of the 1st4sport Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Rounders.

The Solution

Rounders England’s original coaching awards were developed outside any external frameworks, delivered in house by a largely untrained workforce. 1st4sport Qualifications worked with Rounders England to support them through the development of the qualification in terms of meeting the requirements of both the National Qualifications Framework and the UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC). This included review of content, feasibility of suggested delivery and the submission of the qualification to Ofqual for accreditation. 1st4sport now awards the Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Rounders, relieving the governing body of a regulatory and administrative burden.

The Results/Benefits

Rounders England is delivering the new 1st4sport Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Rounders with great success. The new content and format have been well received by the learners, and Rounders England has received feedback on the improved standard of delivery. Having a nationally recognised qualification, which is also UKCC endorsed, has helped to raise the profile of this relatively small sport. The governing body is now working on delivering the 1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Rounders.

What the Client Says


“1st4sport have provided continuity and expertise during the transition to our new UKCC-endorsed coaching structure. We have received a comprehensive, efficient and professional service to develop our new qualifications, and we are continuing to work in close partnership with 1st4sport to implement and award them.”

Karen King, Coaching Director, Rounders England