Coaching tennis

Our mission and core values

It is 1st4sport Qualifications philosophy to develop and deliver professional services to our customers through motivated people, who are committed to our mission and the core values which underpin our work.

Mission Statement

To provide the sport, physical activity and active leisure industry with valid provision and value – added awarding services.

Core Values

By operating within the scope of our core values, we aspire to meet the needs of our customers and other stakeholders. Therefore we are committed to operating within the following core values, which represent our drivers for sustainable development:

  • Quality improvement via a culture of excellence:

    We strive for continuous quality improvement throughout our business activity, through regular monitoring, review of our performance and benchmarking against industry best practice. On this basis, we aspire to provide a value-added service and be among the industry’s leading awarding organisations for customer, employee and industry satisfaction.

  • Governance and management by processes:

    For us to succeed in our awarding function, we ensure we have a clear direction through our operational activities and via effective development and provision plans. We aspire to use vision, inspiration and integrity in steering the organisation. We are determined to deliver outstanding quality and organisational behaviour, in line with our established Code of Conduct and Ethics, taking responsibility for a sustainable future and the impact of our activities in the wider community. Our transparent governance structure, management by processes and teamwork across the organisation is critical in achieving organisational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Personnel development and organisational learning:

    We operate under the principle of succeeding through people, recognising the value of development and empowerment of our staff; thus we are committed to promoting and supporting organisational learning and knowledge. We encourage innovation and learning, to develop the skills and knowledge as the quality of our services is dependent on the quality of our staff. We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and seeking to apply the best possible skills, knowledge and experience to all our services.

  • Partnerships and innovation:

    Creativity and innovation are the foundations across our operational areas ensuring continuous improvements in services and the ability to adapt to the current educational environment. We are innovative in the establishment of partnerships which enable us to work towards the shared aim of meeting end-users’ needs. Effective partnerships facilitate the development of fit-for-purpose qualifications, which enable us to maintain an advantage within our industry.

  • Customer satisfaction and result orientation:

    It is our primary aim to achieve balanced results in line with our mission and strategy, which eventually meet needs and expectations of all stakeholders (recognised centres, candidates, 1st4sport staff, partners and industry representatives, future employees and the regulator). We aspire to deliver maximum value for customers by operating a customer-orientated approach; satisfied customers and other stakeholders are critical to our success.