Approved to assess – 1st4sport to verify apprenticeships

1st4sport has recently been approved to offer End-point Assessments (EPAs) by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

EPAs are the final assessments that apprentices must take to ensure they can do the job they have been training for. As a specialist in the sports and physical education sector, 1st4sport can offer EPAs for the following standards: Outdoor Activity Instructor, Community Activator Coach and Equine/Senior Equine Groom.

1st4sport’s Head of Learning and Assessment Services John Clark, said:

“Along with our assessors, we have a deep understanding of the industry and the specific challenges faced by apprentices in their fields.

“We are very excited to be an approved EPA provider, especially, across four dynamic and well respected roles.

“With our history in awarding qualifications, we are well placed to deliver excellent, positive and fair assessment experiences for all our apprentices.”

To help training providers and employers prepare their apprentices for their EPA, 1st4sport has produced a handy ‘top tips’ guide, which includes the following key points:

  • Register your apprentices for their EPA as early as possible. The earlier you register, the more likely you are to secure your preferred date and location for the EPA. Once registered, your apprentice will also have access to important resources and can have a dialogue with their assigned assessor.
  • Make sure that you build functional skills into the delivery model. OFSTED will expect to see the development of maths and English throughout the apprenticeship period.
  • Produce a glossary of industry-specific lingo/terminology, which apprentices can use as a handy reference guide.
  • Ensure that your apprentice gets as much practice as possible by carrying out mock assessments, ideally under exam conditions, including live observations, professional discussions and knowledge tests.
  • Provide the apprentice with in-depth details of the assessment including directions, schedules, dress code and relevant contact details. 1st4sport will also provide you with a detailed checklist of what evidence apprentices must bring, an outline of the day and example questions.

Find out more about EPAs through 1st4sport, as well as download a full copy of their top tips guide by heading to the EPA page.