Poll: 1st4sport Sports Study Programme Guide

Would your study programme leaders benefit from an online support tool to help them with their curriculum planning?

1st4sport Qualifications is currently exploring the development of an online ‘1st4sport Sports Study Programme Guide’.

The proposed guide would be an online support tool specifically designed to help your programme leaders to:

  • design appropriately sized sports and leisure study programmes, based on the guided learning hours (GLH) of qualifications
  • choose from 1st4sport’s attractive menu of qualifications to see how they can be combined to meet your targeted GLH
  • embed 1st4sport’s fit-for-purpose qualifications into your study programmes so they are both appealing to your learners and recognised by employers
  • establish a point of contact with one of our curriculum programme managers to review your proposed study programme(s).

If this service is of value, please let us know using the survey form below.

This poll has now ended. Thanks to everyone who took part.