Latest on the review of the current coaching units

As you’re hopefully aware, the current common units for coaching, which are used in all our coaching qualifications, were due to expire on 28 February 2015. This means that the review date for our current regulated coaching qualifications was also 28 February 2015. You will be pleased to hear that the current units have been extended until September 2016 and we will soon be extending all our coaching qualifications to that date to allow for the migration of the qualifications to the revised common units. The review process for the new coaching units has commenced and is well under way with a consultation on the proposals being available throughout September this year.

What impact does this have on centres’ plans to register courses for 1st4sport coaching qualifications post-February 2015?

We anticipate that you can plan and register your courses for 2015 and we will be providing updates over the next twelve months on when we anticipate individual qualifications will be migrating to the new units; and any changes that may impact on your delivery, with at least six months prior notice of significant changes.