Relaunch of Centre Recognition and Qualification Approval Conditions – October 2014

The 1st4sport Centre Recognition and Qualification Approval Conditions currently outline the requirements our centres are obliged to comply with.

The conditions were implemented to ensure that we successfully maintain our awarding status in accordance with Ofqual, Welsh Government and SQA Accreditation regulation, quality assuring the delivery of all our qualifications.

All current centres agreed to comply with our conditions via the Centre Compliance Declaration Form contained within Athena, our quality assurance system. New centres do so as part of the centre recognition and qualification approval process.

Having collected feedback on the implementation of these conditions from centres, partners and external verifiers, we understand that the current version could be easier to understand and some content has been duplicated. As a result, we intend to relaunch the conditions in October 2014 in a simpler format and with clear evidence requirements.

We expect that all centres should be able to evidence compliance with the conditions by 1 January 2015.

We believe this to be appropriate on the basis that the actual expectations on centres have not changed. They are simply being communicated more effectively.