QCF Coaching Units and Qualifications review date extended

 You might have already heard the current units of common content for coaching, which are used in all our coaching qualifications, had a review date of 28 February 2015. This means that the review date for our current regulated coaching qualifications was also 28 February 2015. Had we not taken any action all our coaching qualifications would have fallen out of the QCF in March 2015. You will be pleased to hear that in collaboration with SkillsActive we have ensured that the current units were extended until the end of September 2016 and we are in the process of extending all our coaching qualifications to that date, to allow for the migration of the qualifications to the revised common units and take into account the changes to the qualifications landscape which Ofqual’s current consultations are likely to bring. We will be updating our website as and when the new date for each qualification is approved.

Please note that we may also be extending other qualifications’ review dates to take into account the changes to the qualifications landscape.