Update on Coaching NOS and Units of Common Content

The National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Coaching have been reviewed over the past 12 months and are in the process of being published on the National NOS Database. The results of the review and extensive four-nation consultation has seen the number of NOS (they aren’t NOS units as we used to like to call them!) reduced from 20+ down to seven standards; you may notice a plan-do-review theme running through the seven. It should also be noted that the standards don’t have a level attached to them, but hopefully do represent a progression of roles within the lower end of the world of coaching.

SKASC 1 Assist the planning, delivery and review of a sports coaching session
SKASC 2 Plan sports coaching sessions
SKASC 3 Deliver sports coaching sessions
SKASC 4 Review sports coaching sessions
SKASC 5 Design sports coaching programmes
SKASC 6 Manage the implementation of sports coaching programmes
SKASC 7 Evaluate sports coaching programmes and practice

One of the main reasons that this slash-and-burn has been achievable is to understand that up until the QCF came along in 2009, one of the NOS’ primary functions was to determine the detailed content of an NVQ and SVQ (they are still used for SVQs). As a result, the standards tended to be very detailed, defining each assessment criteria that an N/SVQ learner would be required to meet. Now this requirement is no more, and with QCF units determining what competent coaching is, the NOS can be much less detailed and able to better describe the broad roles within coaching, without being encumbered by stifling detail!

The final NOS should be available on the National Database in the near future and available to support a variety of employers and training providers’ needs.

Following on from the NOS review, sports coach UK and SkillsActive are beginning the process of reviewing the QCF Units of Common Content for Coaching. This process has begun with an industry seminar in early February for sport governing bodies, the prime users of the units, to explore any changes in roles since the current units were created. A schedule of further work and consultation will begin in the near future, with the aim to have the qualifications which use such units migrated across to the new world during late 2014 to Autumn 2015.