1st4sport Centre Portal Enhancements

Over the past few years the 1st4sport Centre Portal has become a vital tool to support your administration of our qualifications. It is used on a daily basis by the majority of our centres to submit events and register and certify learners. We have listened to users about improvements that could be made to the system and we have been working for some time on an enhanced version which we hope will make your use of it more effective.

We now feel we are at a stage where we can launch the enhanced version and subject to some final checks we aim to launch it on Monday 30 June 2014. In order to launch the system, usage of the current version will need to be suspended at 5pm on Thursday 26 June. There will be no access to authorising events or registering/certificating learners on Friday 27 June or the morning of Monday 30 June. We will send you an email on Monday to confirm when the new system will be accessible.

Please note: All the user profiles, tutor and delivery addresses will be migrated over to the new system, however, any learner data/records in the holding area that have not been submitted to 1st4sport will be lost. Over the next couple of weeks please check to ensure that any learners you have added to the portal have been processed through to being registered.

The new system includes, amongst a variety of new features, the following enhancements:

  • The ability to add, or select existing tutors and delivery addresses at the same time as submitting an event, rather than needing to do this separately through the addresses tab.
  • On submitting an event you will receive an event confirmation e-mail, that includes all the information that you have submitted to us, to allow you to check the details and contact us if you need to make any changes.
  • Improved screen layout and learner registration process (including the ability to register a learner to multiple events without having to re-enter their details)

We believe that the new system is sufficiently similar to the old and intuitive enough that the change will have minimal impact on your ability to submit events; register or certificate learners; but if you do have any questions the Centre Support Team will be on hand to provide you with any support you may need; via telephone or email.

Please note that the above changes do not affect centres using the FA EMS; or ECB, RFU, WRU or British Gymnastics systems.

We hope you will find the new system productive.