Nominate your learners or employees for a VQ Learner of the Year Award

Those of us involved in the field of vocational education – whether as teachers, learners, employers or sector partners – know only too well how essential high quality vocational qualifications are to UK society, providing young people with the skills, experience, motivation and inspiration to get ahead.

Vocational qualifications can help individuals of all ages ‘get the edge’ – whether that’s within their current or future careers or as a platform for Further Education.

We want to recognise the value of vocational qualifications and celebrate the value of vocational achievement both for the individual and the nation. Only with appropriately skilled and trained people can we drive the UK economy forward.

VQ Day on 5th June 2013 aims to raise the status of technical, practical and vocational learning and celebrate vocational achievement.

You can now nominate your learners or employees for a VQ Learner of the Year Award. It’s a great chance to recognise your learners’ vocational excellence and celebrate their success.

Nominations for the VQ Learner of the Year awards must be received by the VQ Day administration by Friday 3rd May 2013.

You can find out how to make your nomination by visiting the official VQ Day page.