1st4sport self-assessment report published

Each year, we produce the 1st4sport annual Self-assessment Report in support of our continued compliance with Ofqual and the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA). The report focuses on the analysis of our performance. In doing so, we benchmark against the education world in general, all other awarding organisations and, more specifically, those in our sector. What is pivotal to our research is the perceptions of our customers, partners and staff.

Our report uses the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) excellence model to measure performance against previous years and enables performance to be rated and compared across activities.

The 2012 self-assessment report was published in September this year and reflects the outcomes for the calendar year. The delay in publishing the report (normally published in April) is due to the six-month delay in Ofqual publishing their annual qualifications market report, which is used as an essential source of information and is key to the self-assessment process.

Some points of note from the report include:

  • 1st4sport remains compliant with both Ofqual and SQA regulatory requirements.
  • The total qualification market continues to grow (4% increase to 16 million achievements in 2012), as does 1st4sport’s market share.
  • There are currently 176 awarding organisations regulated by Ofqual (36 by SQA), some with as few as two qualifications and others with thousands (1st4sport has 227, inclusive of pathways).
  • There are 19,000 regulated qualifications on the QCF, but 50% of achievements are concentrated in just 212 qualifications.
  • 1st4sport is the third biggest awarding organisation (by learner certifications) operating in the Active Leisure sector, behind EdExcel and Sport Leaders UK.
  • Partner, centre and staff perceptions of our performance remain high, confident that we demonstrate improvements year-on-year.

As a result of the report, the Quality Management Team has put together an improvement plan which will be implemented over the next 18 months. Fortunately, as we gathered the perceptions of our customers, partners and staff earlier in the year, we have already started to implement aspects of the improvement plan.

We would like to thank all those of you who provided feedback when this was requested. Your input is invaluable to us.