Searching for funding information just got easier

Interested in finding out information on the funding eligibility of 1st4sport qualifications?

Lsect (Learning & Skills Events Consultancy and Training) have developed LADET (Learning Aim Database for Education and Training) to help colleges and training providers search for FIS (Funding Information System) aim data in the absence of LARS (the SFAs Learning Aims Reference Service).

After requests from users, now includes awarding body as a search item.

When searching to see the funding eligibility of 1st4sport’s qualifications you will find us under FIRST – COACHWISE LTD.

Lsect’s LADET will only stay available if it proves a helpful tool.

Please note LADET is a free resource, which means there is no user support. However, if you think it is in some way incorrect or not working properly then please do get in touch with [email protected].