Compliance Update

We recently provided you with a list of activities which you needed to complete to ensure compliance with our requirements and, consequently, those of our regulators.

As a result of your completion of these activities, we expect you are familiar with and comply with the:

  • 1st4sport Centre Recognition and Qualification Approval Criteria and Conditions
  • Qualification Specification for each qualification you are approved to deliver
  • 1st4sport Athena User Guide for Centres.

In addition, we asked you to complete a number of actions.

Action 1: To submit a Centre Compliance Declaration Form via Athena.

How to do: Access Athena, select the Centre Compliance Declaration Report from theStart a newsection via the homepage.

Action 2: To ensure your centre details and centre contacts are up to date.

How to do: Access Athena and select the ‘My centre’ tab.

Action 3: To provide us with your most up-to-date list of staff for all of the qualifications you are approved to offer.

How to do: Access Athena and add your staff details, linking each person to the relevant qualification via the ‘Staff’ tab.

Thank you to all of those centres who completed these activities and are now deemed compliant – your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

For those who have not yet completed these activities, it is crucial you do this as soon as possible. We will be conducting an audit in April 2013 and those centres who have not yet undertaken these activities will not be eligible to authorise courses until they do so.

If you are struggling and need help, please do not hesitate to email [email protected].