New Athena home page – thank you for your feedback

We would like to thank all those who responded to our survey on the new Athena home page, the 1st4sport Quality Assurance System which was launched on 1 August 2012. The feedback is invaluable and continues to help us to meet the needs of all of our centres.

The feedback has been positive and confirmed that by introducing the home page, you now find it much easier to navigate around Athena and also have a better understanding of the system and your responsibilities. For those few who have confirmed that they have issues with the system, we have offered additional support and training where required.

For those who have not yet accessed the system since the launch of the landing page, please do so to familiarise yourself with the new format and to ensure your centre details and centre contacts are up to date. We have developed a guidance document to help you understand the features, their functionality and your responsibilities. We have uploaded this guidance as a Key 1st4sport Document. You can select to view this from the Athena home page.