External verifiers – your key support mechanism

External verification is integral to 1st4sport Qualifications’ quality assurance approach.

Our external verifiers (EVs) are the key mechanism:

  • in the establishment and monitoring of recognised centre status
  • facilitating compliance with statutory regulation
  • meeting our quality standards and the expectations of our qualification partners.

In addition to these responsibilities, we support our external verifiers in developing their customer service skills and believe that they are a critical support service to their centres. On this basis, if you have any qualification-specific queries we would encourage you to contact your external verifier for help, advice or support.

To source the email address of the external verifiers allocated to you for the qualifications your centre is approved to offer, please access Athena and select the My centre tab from the homepage. Having accessed the My centre tab you will then have the option to select Qualifications. Please do so and for each qualification your centre is approved to deliver, the name of the external verifier and their email address will be shown here.

Remember, your EV is there to help you, so any questions you have should be directed to them. They have an excellent understanding of 1st4sport Qualifications and our processes, and will be able to help you.