European Qualifications Framework (EQF) – how does it affect you?

If you’re not already aware, work on the referencing of the levels of the UK qualifications frameworks (QCF/SCQF/CQFW) to the EQF has now been completed by the UK framework owners.

As a result, all awarding organisations have been advised to follow guidance that encourages the referencing of the EQF levels on appropriate documentation for centres and learners. 1st4sport Qualifications is in the process of updating our website to make sure that all our qualification website pages contain an indication of the corresponding level on the EQF. This information will also be provided to learners, with links to further information on the EQF and mobility of qualifications.

In the meantime, you can see a summary table below on how the levels of the UK frameworks relate to those of the EQF.

8 12 8 8
7 11 7 7
6 10/9 6 6
5 8/7 5/4 5/4
4 6 3 3
3 5 2 2
2 4 1 1
1 3 E3 E3
  2 E2 E2
  1 E1 E1

Please note there may be exceptions to the above. Further information about the EQF can be found at the EQF Portal.