1st4sport Online Services

We are able to offer all our recognised centres the opportunity to interact with us using an online service.

The service allows you to more effectively:

  • complete and submit a request to authorise an event for one of the qualifications you are already recognised to deliver
  • register candidates for an existing/authorised event
  • submit candidates who are already registered on a specific event for certification
  • view, save and print reports on previous courses, events and candidates.

It is possible to submit candidate data via two methods:

  • via an online input form or
  • the uploading of an approved/appropriately structured CSV file containing all the required data from an existing database.

The system does not provide direct access to our internal system and data, but allows information to be provided to us in a secure environment from which we can import data into the our system, making checks against candidates’ details and prior achievements that are already with 1st4sport.

The system is also designed to generate a number of reports that are available to assist you in your record keeping and to track courses, candidates and certification. We hope that you will find the service easy to use and helpful in speeding-up your interface with 1st4sport.

Please note that the normal 1st4sport deadlines apply for course authorisation (>20 working days) and candidate registration (<5 days from the course start date).

To access the 1st4sport Centre Portal and Online Services your centre needs to have registered its interest with us and have been issued a system access key of username and password. If you do not have either, or have lost your password please contact the 1st4sport Recognised Centre Support Team on:

Tel: 0113 290 7610
Email:[email protected]

For each log in we need you to tell us:

  • The full name of your Recognised Centre or the name of the Recognised Centre and single Satellite Centre that you will be administering:
  • A chosen Username
  • An email address for the user.

When you have your system access key you will be able to log onto the system via this website and the Centre Portal link on the top right hand corner of the page.

When your system access key has been issued we will send you a short user-manual and please note that in addition to the manual the Online Service includes a Help section.

We anticipate that centres that use the system will benefit from improvements in service and have access to significant additional information on candidates’ status.