How do I become an EQA and what qualifications do I need?
To be an external quality assurer of our qualifications you will be required to:

  • ideally hold the LLUK V2 Standards (and where possible A1 and V1 Units). Where achievement of the stated LLUK units have not been achieved, other evidence of current competence or equivalent will be sought
  • be willing to conduct external quality assurance activities in accordance with the 1st4sport External Quality Assurance Arrangements1
  • be committed to upholding the integrity of the qualifications accredited by 1st4sport
  • have an appropriate knowledge and understanding of national issues and initiatives affecting vocational education, training and qualifications in the sector
  • be committed to maintaining credibility within the sector through participation in initiatives for continuous professional development
  • be IT competent with the ability to use web based systems and other IT applications including Microsoft office (word, Excel, Adobe Acrobat Reader, e-mail and the internet
  • be committed to meet levels of service determined by the 1st4sport Customer Service Statement.

In addition to the above confirmed 1st4sport generic criteria for external verifiers applicants must also meet the qualification specific requirements for external verifiers contained in the appropriate qualification specification.

If you would like to become an EV and you believe that you meet our criteria outlined in one of our recruitment adverts, please contact the [email protected] to participate in the screening process to gain access to our web page recruitment form.

1The 1st4sport External Quality Assurance Arrangements contain the EQA Code of Practice and EQA Code of Conduct which must be complied with.