Working in partnership with Wembley National Stadium Limited

March 2014

1st4sport Qualifications provides Europe’s second largest stadium with spectator safety qualifications in a league of their own.

Recognised centre

Wembley National Stadium Limited, a subsidiary of The Football Association, is responsible for running the 90,000-capacity Wembley Stadium.


A UEFA category four stadium, Wembley hosts a vast number of sporting and entertainment events every year. Head of Centre of Excellence Peter Swordy says: “We obviously run a venue that is nationally significant and important so safety is our number one priority. Culturally, we are trying to change things here, in the sense that we want our stewards to become more customer and leisure and entertainment oriented, but they still need those underpinning spectator safety qualifications.”

Why 1st4sport Qualifications works for Wembley National Stadium Limited

They are recognised and approved to deliver all of the 1st4sport Spectator Safety Suite of qualifications, which includes:

Peter explains why they chose 1st4sport Qualifications over other awarding organisations: “Initially, we chose 1st4sport Qualifications partly because of our relationship with The Football Association, who enjoyed an excellent relationship with them, already awarding their coaching qualifications. The fact there was no need to pay a large centre registration and qualification approval fee up front also made it an attractive option. Being charged learner by learner where the registration fee is reasonable was preferable to us.”

Once recognised and approved to deliver the qualifications, they found them to be written and structured in a user-friendly way.

Peter continues: “The training and assessment package the qualifications come with has made delivering the courses straightforward. They are well structured and laid out. Plus, we enjoy an excellent relationship with our external verifiers (EVs), who have been very helpful and a guiding presence.

‘In the past, I have found it very difficult with some other awarding organisations, who seem distant and unhelpful, but with 1st4sport Qualifications, we enjoy a very good relationship with all the team.”


“Over the years, the qualifications have more than met Wembley’s expectations. Peter says: ‘We welcome the fact not everyone passes and it’s not a rubber-stamping process. The end result is more appropriately qualified and capable supervisors and stewards who can help us make sure spectators enjoy coming back again and again to well-managed events.

1st4sport spectator safety qualifications provide us with an excellent training and assessment package that has made delivering the courses straightforward. We enjoy an excellent relationship with the team, in particular the EVs, who are always very helpful and provide a guiding presence.”

Peter Swordy, Head of Centre of Excellence, Wembley National Stadium Limited

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