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Trafford College reaps the rewards of choosing 1st4sport Qualifications by gaining National Skills Academy in Sport and Active Leisure status.

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Head of Sport Nick Mathers is responsible for the curriculum planning at the college for sport. He was looking for an awarding organisation that could provide him with a range of industry-recognised qualifications that would give his students the best chance of being employed.

Why 1st4sport Qualifications works for Trafford College

Nick explains why he initially chose 1st4sport Qualifications: ‘We saw it as leading the way in qualification development and wanted the kudos of being associated with such an organisation. Its close relationships with the majority of governing bodies of sport were important to us, given the qualifications represent the national standard for coaching and would help our students gain employment.’

The college finds that the way it is able to deliver the coaching qualifications perfectly complements its students’ learning programme.

Nick continues: ‘We choose to offer our full-time learners the qualifications as a supplement to their study programme. So, in addition to their academic content, the 1st4sport qualification gives them the vocationally relevant qualification that is ultimately going to get them into employment. We also find that, with these qualifications being so central to their future working life, the students tend to recognise the importance and raise their game. What’s helpful is the structure of the qualifications, and the supporting packs/portfolio really help them see where they are and how they are progressing with the qualification.’

Although undoubtedly the initial appeal was the desire to offer the national standard coaching qualifications, the college was so impressed with the service and support provided, it decided to expand its provision into other areas, including apprenticeships.

Nick concludes: ‘What we found really helpful was the support we received when it came to initially setting up as a centre, which we also enjoy when we are seeking to add new qualifications. A lot of awarding organisations don’t provide external verifier (EV) visits, or if they do, they charge for them. We find the free EV visits very useful. The EVs are very supportive and helpful. The visits have always gone smoothly, and that’s been very important to us. It’s one of the reasons we enjoy working with 1st4sport Qualifications and why we took the decision to expand our provision across other areas of the college with it.’


In 2012–2013, the college achieved an impressive success rate of 91% for its 170 learners.

What’s more, 1st4sport qualifications also played an important role in the college’s submission to become recognised as a National Skills Academy in Sport and Active Leisure, which it was successful in.

‘1st4sport Qualifications’ unique relationships with industry experts are the primary reason we chose it. In addition, we find it to be very supportive, with the service provided by its EVs in particular being valuable. It’s one of the main reasons we enjoy working with it and why we have expanded our provision to include more than just coaching qualifications.’

Nick Mathers, Head of Sport, Trafford College

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