Working in partnership with PGL

As an organisation who provide outdoor activities and pursuits, PGL needed flexible qualifications for their employees. That’s where 1st4sport Qualifications could help.

Recognised centre

PGL, based in Herefordshire, was founded in 1957 and is an activity and adventure company, with 26 centres around the UK and in Europe, offering holidays to school and community groups, families and individual children.


Jo Mortimer, PGL’s Apprenticeship Programme Manager, needed qualifications for her employees that would be flexible, given that their work in outdoor activities and pursuits is very different from that of an organisation providing traditional sports activities.

Why 1st4sport Qualifications works for PGL

The PGL apprentices have usually already worked for the organisation for a season prior to studying for an Intermediate Apprenticeship in Activity Leadership (Outdoors Pathway) or Advanced Apprenticeship in Outdoor Programmes. Jo found that 1st4sport Qualifications was the only organisation that could really deliver on the technical aspect of PGL’s needs, in terms of the awards that make up part of the apprenticeships they offered.

Jo was really pleased with the supporting resources the qualifications came with, and grateful for the fact that they ‘save lots of time and money that would be spent in developing our own resources.’ And Jo has been very happy working with the team at 1st4sport Qualifications as well: ‘There is always someone who can answer any queries or concerns over criteria, for example, and the external verifier that has worked with us really knows our business. To be honest I can’t really fault the service,’ she continues. She also found the process to become approved to deliver the qualifications was straightforward too, and appreciates the fact that 1st4sport Qualifications is ‘one step ahead of us and aware of new qualifications that might be of interest to us.’


In terms of a contribution to the growth of PGL, the results of the apprenticeships speak for themselves. As Jo explains:

‘The apprenticeships really help our staff to move into senior management – around 60% of those who complete the apprenticeships go on to take up senior positions within the company – and the qualifications from 1st4sport Qualifications make a valuable contribution to this.’

‘I really recommend 1st4sport Qualifications. Their qualifications help to develop our staff, as well as provide them with a valuable qualification. Our instructors and leaders are more knowledgeable about the industry as a whole and can speak to teachers, leaders and parents and instil confidence in them about what we have to offer their children. Their good understanding of the sector is very apparent, which makes them a great partner to work with.’

Jo Mortimer, Apprenticeship Programme Manager, PGL

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