Working in partnership with the 2nd Chance Project

The 2nd Chance Project works in partnership with 1st4sport to provide opportunities to disengaged young people via the Intermediate Apprenticeship in Activity Leadership.

The 2nd Chance Project was founded in 2008 to provide training and education for disengaged young people aged 16–24. It offers a range of projects, services and partnerships to engage people and affect lifelong change.


Maggy Blagrove is the Director of Learning and Skills. Maggy and her team provide doorstep sport – literally taking sports activities to estates – to engage 16–24 year olds in worthwhile activity. Once engaged, the young people can access 2nd Chance Project’s education pathways, taking them through work experience, volunteering, apprenticeships and into employment.

Why 1st4sport Qualifications works for 2nd Chance

2nd Chance decided to deliver the Intermediate Apprenticeship in Activity Leadership (coaching and leadership pathways) to give young people the opportunity to learn new skills and put something back into their own community. Maggy chose to work with 1st4sport Qualifications so that her team could offer the full apprenticeship (including Functional Skills the learner may have missed out on at school) through one awarding organisation. She finds it straightforward to work with 1st4sport Qualifications, saying the team are responsive and helpful.


2nd Chance Project have had 50 apprentices complete the Intermediate Apprenticeship in Activity Leadership in their first year, and hope to take 30 more young people through the apprenticeship in the next academic year.

Maggy explains: ‘The impact of these apprenticeships is huge; they’re life-changing for the young people.’

‘I can honestly say that 2nd Chance has changed my life. This is the first thing that I’ve put all my effort into and it has come out well for me. I have grown in confidence and I now have responsibilities in the work I have. I’ve learnt skills that will help me with the rest of my life.’

2nd Chance Project Apprentice

‘I would recommend 1st4sport Qualifications to other providers looking to deliver apprenticeships. Apprenticeships give young people who are in need of a second chance the opportunity to gain skills and on-the-job experience to help them prepare and plan for their futures. 1st4sport Qualifications are a well known and trusted awarding organisation and offer qualifications that are seen as industry standard. We will definitely continue to work with them well into the future.’

Maggy Blagrove, Director of Learning and Skills,
2nd Chance Project

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