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Athena, our Quality Assurance System

Athena is a web- and mobile phone-based system that will help with our monitoring of centres’ compliance with 1st4sport recognition requirements. It will also support our management of over 100 external quality assurers (EQAs) and encompass the breadth of our quality assurance arrangements. Athena is designed to support our customer service, provide benefits for our centres and adding value to our operations and services by ensuring we can:

  • handle centre recognition and qualification approval applications promptly
  • improve our processing capacity for recognition, approval and monitoring
  • develop our verification management and reporting capacity
  • process and handle reasonable adjustments and special considerations more efficiently
  • process allegations and appeals within our customer service timescales
  • manage risk and centre action plans
  • enable recognised centres and EVs to control their own data
  • enhance our data security, including secure storage of recognised centre documents, details and reports with easier, more secure and auditable access for staff, partners and EQAs
  • improve communication with all stakeholders
  • enable clear and auditable lines of responsibility.

We would like all our centres to engage with Athena, in fact, they must access Athena to be able to:

  • submit a qualification approval application
  • request a reasonable adjustment
  • report allegations (eg customer service complaints, allegations of malpractice, allegations of child/vulnerable adult abuse)
  • make an appeal against a decision we have made
  • view external verification reports.

If you are a recognised centre and do not already have a password for Athena, please contact [email protected] to obtain your centre’s login details and nominate an appropriate person (eg centre administrator) to act as a Super-user for the system.

If you have already engaged with Athena you may use the following web-link to take you to the Athena Log in page

To find out more information on Athena, please read the 1st4sport Quality Assurance Arrangements.