Intermediate and advanced level apprenticeships

Intermediate and Advanced Level Apprenticeships

“I really recommend 1st4sport Qualifications. Their qualifications help to develop our staff, as well as provide them with a valuable qualification. Their good understanding of the sector is very apparent, which makes them a great partner to work with.”

Jo Mortimer, Apprenticeship Programme Manager, PGL

“Anyone looking to offer functional skills as part of an apprenticeship should look no further than 1st4sport Qualifications. Specifically developed for the sector, it makes them the perfect qualifications to offer our learners.”

Mark Leigh, Director, Essential Sports Training Ltd

Everything you need to make delivering your apprenticeships easy:

✓ qualifications for all apprenticeship components
✓ industry expertise
✓ time-saving support, including pre-mapped assessment tools/templates and easy multiple qualification learner registration
free centre recognition, qualification approval and EV visits
✓ friendly and helpful customer service.

There is a variety of Apprenticeship Frameworks within the Active Leisure, Learning and Well-being sector for which we can provide you with qualifications to make up a full Apprenticeship or a significant part of one.

Choose 1st4sport Qualifications as your awarding organisation, and it will make your job simpler when it comes to delivering your apprenticeships as you’ll only need to work with one awarding organisation, which makes administering, assessing and delivering your apprenticeships easier!

The examples of PGL, Essential Sports Training Ltd and Beyond Sport Award 2013 nominee the 2nd Chance Project show you how organisations have used our qualifications in the apprenticeships they deliver.

What Makes Up an Apprenticeship?
Intermediate Level Apprenticeship Frameworks
Advanced Level Apprenticeship Frameworks
Benefits of Choosing 1st4sportQualifications
How You Can Offer 1st4sport Qualifications

What Makes Up an Apprenticeship?

Competence qualification

Occupational qualifications (typically NVQs) that provide learners with an opportunity to be assessed in the workplace, over a period of time, in both practical and theoretical aspects of a specific area of employment.

Knowledge qualification

Knowledge and understanding (technical) qualifications that underpin and support the achievement of the competency qualification and provide additional knowledge required to facilitate progression to higher education or higher levels of working.

Combined (competence and knowledge qualification)

In some frameworks a decision has been made by the industry to combine the competency and knowledge aspects of the framework into one qualification. This is not an option, but determined by the framework concerned (eg 1st4sport Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Spectator Safety).

Employee rights and responsibilities

Apprentices must complete a mandatory industry and organisational awareness qualification, covering all nine of the national outcomes of the employee rights and responsibilities under employment law.

Functional skills qualifications

Available as an alternative to Key Skills as a mandatory component, Functional Skills qualifications in both English and maths are commonly needed for success in a range of activities in education and training, work and life.

Additional employer requirements

While the achievement of additional employer requirements is not a mandatory requirement for some apprenticeships, the sector and employers recognise the value and the need for these, and completion of them will make the apprentice more employable. The qualifications selected have to be relevant to the organisation, linked to the competence element and relevant to the apprentice’s role.

 Intermediate Level Apprenticeship Frameworks

Find out more about 1st4sport’s qualifications included within the following intermediate level apprenticeships:

Advanced Level Apprenticeship Frameworks

Find out more about 1st4sport’s qualifications included within the following advanced level apprenticeships:

Benefits of Choosing 1st4sport Qualifications

Easier apprenticeship delivery

Choose 1st4sport Qualifications, and it makes administering, assessing and delivering your apprenticeships easier. That’s because we can offer you a qualification for every component of the majority of the intermediate and advanced level apprenticeships and their associated pathways in the sector.

This will make your job simpler when it comes to delivering your apprenticeships as you’ll only need to work with one awarding organisation.

Industry expertise

Tap into our industry expertise. We work with leading industry experts to ensure all our qualifications are fit for purpose. 80% of our qualifications are developed with governing bodies of sport and other industry experts, such as The Football Association (FA), Rugby Football Union (RFU) and Association for Physical Education (afPE).

Time-saving support

As a 1st4sport recognised centre, you get all the support you need to deliver training for the qualifications. Some awarding organisations just supply you with the basic qualification standards. We go much further by providing comprehensive Learner Packs and helpful Tutor, Assessor and Verifier Guidance Packs. Plus (for the majority of our qualifications), we supply additional learning resources, such as DVDs and a handbook at no additional cost, making our qualification packages excellent value for money. What’s more, many also come with a recommended learning programme for tutors to follow session by session, tutor guidance notes and pre-mapped assessment tools/templates, saving you and your workforce valuable time. You can also now register your learners on multiple qualifications at the click of a button!

FREE centre recognition, qualification approval and EV visits

Unlike many other awarding organisations, 1st4sport Qualifications saves you money as centre recognition and qualification approval are free. We also don’t charge for our external verifier (EV) visits, and you’ll find the service provided by our EVs a valuable and helpful addition to the package.

Friendly and knowledgeable customer service

Above all, additional help and support are never more than a phone call away, with our friendly Centre Support Team and specialist Qualifications Development Managers here to help you every step of the way.

How You Can Offer 1st4sport Qualifications

If you would like to offer this qualification, please contact [email protected]

1st4sport is constantly developing new qualifications that are being added to apprenticeship frameworks. Keep checking this page for details.