1st4sport Level 2 Diploma in Coaching Sport and Instructing Physical Activities

Qualification Number 601/7696/9
Guided Learning Hours (Total Qualification Time) 480 (825)
SFA/LAD Funding Code 601/7696/9
Entry Age: 16
Qualification Operational Start Date 01/09/2016
Qualification Review Date 30/09/2022

This qualification is equivalent to Level 3 on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF)*.

To find out how to apply to deliver this qualification see the How to Apply section. There are no costs involved in applying or becoming a 1st4sport recognised centre.

The 1st4sport Level 2 Diploma in Coaching Sport and Instructing Physical Activities qualification provides a benefit to learners by developing their knowledge, understanding and skills required to be able to coach sport and instruct physical activities in a range of settings within the active leisure industry. It also supports academic progression should learners wish to pursue this option. The Learner will develop the knowledge, understanding and skills required to plan, deliver and review sport and physical activity sessions in a safe environment; learning how to deliver multi skills sessions and support teachers in the delivery of PE and schools sports. Learners will gain knowledge and understanding of anatomy, physiology and skill acquisition; learning how to identify talent, improve performance and deliver sport and physical activity in the community. They will also learn how to develop personally and professionally supporting their employment potential. On successful completion of the qualification learners would be able to seek employment in a number of settings including:

  • supporting the delivery of Physical Education and school sport
  • sports coaching
  • leading physical activity sessions in the wider community
  • multi skills coaching

Attendance on the qualification supports active and healthy lifestyles, in line with the Sport England Participation Agenda and other health and active lifestyle initiatives through both participation in practical sessions and the development of skills to be able to deliver sessions to others in the future.

Examination Windows 

The ACTIVTECH Qualifications Assessment Windows  run in November and May each year. Please contact our Exams Coordinator for further details.

As part of our Examinations process we require all centres to give us 20 working days’ notice of learners they intend to enter for the external assessment/exams within the Assessment Window.

Download the Qualification Purpose Statement

Download the Qualification Specification

Download the Support Letter from afPE for this qualification

Download the Support Letter from UK Coaching (formerly sports coach UK) for this qualification

*Please note there may be exceptions to the above. Further information about the EQF can be found on the EQF Portal.

Prior to registration for the qualification learners are required to:

  • be accurately identified
  • be at least 16 years of age
  • be able to communicate effectively in English (this includes listening, speaking, reading and writing).

There are no formal entry requirements for entry onto this qualification, although it would be beneficial for learners to have studied human Biology/Physiology or Physical Education at GCSE level. As part of a suite of Technical qualifications, it would also benefit learners to have completed the 1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Active Leisure, Sport and Physical Activities, which is a qualification aimed at learners aged 14-16. This is not, however, a pre-requisite.

The qualification is divided into the following nine mandatory units:

Unit Title Accreditation No. Level GLH TQT
1 Safeguard participants H/507/8175 2 60 90
2 Develop the physique of the participant K/507/8176 2 60 90
3 Develop the skills of the participant M/507/8177 2 60 90
4 Deliver sport and physical activity sessions A/507/8179 2 60 90
5 Deliver multi skills sessions M/507/8180 2 30 60
6 Support teachers to deliver PE and school sport T/507/8181 2 60 90
7 Develop personally and professionally A/507/8182 2 30 45
8 Identify Talent and improve performance F/507/8183 2 60 90
9 Deliver sport and physical activity in the community J/507/8184 2 60 90

Learners must successfully complete all units to achieve the qualification. Successful learners will be awarded a grade of Pass, Merit or Distinction.

Unlike many other awarding organisations, which just supply you with the basic qualification standards, we go that extra mile to support you.

  • full and comprehensive Learning and Assessment Portfolios, which include a full set of structured learning and assessment tasks to help you deliver and assess the qualification
  • delivery, assessment and quality assurance guidance notes, which include units of work, lesson plans and tutor PowerPoint presentations alongside sample answers to support you when assessing your learners
  • online qualification administration, enabling you to process learners quickly and effectively, and making the records we hold on your learners accessible to you at the click of a mouse.

For recognised centres and tutors, the qualification is supported by the following resources:

  • generic administrative guidance and tools for recognised centres
  • Qualification Specification outlining the requirements of delivering and assessing the qualification
  • 1st4sport Level 2 Diploma in Coaching Sport and Instructing Physical Activities Delivery, Assessment and Quality Assurance Approach

For learners, the qualification is supported by the 1st4sport Level 2 Diploma in Coaching Sport and Instructing Physical Activities Learning and Assessment Portfolios.

Fees are charged per learner and provide registration and certification for the qualification, as well as a 1st4sport Learner Pack, learning resources and certificate. Centre recognition, qualification approval and annual centre fees may also be applicable.

If you would like to offer this qualification, please contact [email protected]

This qualification sits on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). Further information about the benefits of the framework can be found by visiting the Ofqual website.

All learners being registered for RQF qualifications are required to have a Unique Learner Number (ULN) issued by the Learner Register. To be approved to offer this qualification, you will need to demonstrate that you can access and verify learners’ ULNs with the Learner Register. For more information about this process, please visit the Learning Records Service website.