Steps to Becoming a 1st4sport Recognised Centre

Thank you for choosing 1st4sport Qualifications.

Becoming recognised and approved to deliver qualifications can be a daunting process – especially if you are new to it! But it doesn’t have to be. Below is a step-by-step guide to how you can become a 1st4sport recognised centre, and approved to deliver your first 1st4sport qualification*. If you are already recognised by another awarding body, you should find our processes very similar and the documents you have already produced for other awarding bodies can be used again with your application to 1st4sport.

For your convenience, most of our recognition and approval procedure is carried out online. However, if you run into difficulties or perhaps are unsure about one of the steps, don’t panic! The Centre Recognition and Qualification Approval Team are always happy to help you with any centre recognition or qualification approval enquiry and can be contacted by email via [email protected].

For existing 1st4sport Recognised Centres

If you have already achieved 1st4sport recognised centre status and are looking to add more qualifications to your provision, please see Four Steps to Becoming Approved to Deliver an Additional Qualification.

For centres new to 1st4sport

The 1st4sport centre recognition and qualification approval process usually takes about a month. So, if you have a date in mind for your first course, please make sure you allow enough time to complete the process. Following the steps below will ensure that we receive all of the required information and are able to process your application promptly.

STEP 1: Choose the qualification you are interested in delivering.

If you’re not already a 1st4sport recognised centre, the first step to becoming one is deciding which qualification you want to become approved to deliver. There are plenty of qualifications to choose from. Take your pick from over 150 accredited qualifications by visiting the ‘Our Qualifications’ section of the website.

STEP 2: Email [email protected] identifying the qualification you are interested in delivering, and that you also need to gain Recognised Centre status with 1st4sport qualifications

Once you’ve chosen the qualification you want to become approved to deliver you now need to make sure your organisation meets the criteria to become:

  • recognised as a 1st4sport centre
  • approved to deliver your chosen qualification.

To do this, you need to review the Qualification Handbook, which will be forwarded to you following your submission of interest to the email address above.

You will also be required to pay the Centre Recognition Fee at this stage – applicable for all applications received after 31 March 2018.

STEP 4: Your application is reviewed by 1st4sport.

We aim to review applications within five working days of receipt. In the event that we require additional information, we will return the application to you and you will be sent an automated email, informing you that it has been returned. Please review the comments contained in both sections of the form that you completed. Respond to the feedback and resubmit the form to us.

Applications that are confirmed as fully complete will be closed, confirming ‘application agreed’. This means that your recognition and approval status is pending, subject to the outcome of a recognition and approval external verification visit.

Applications that are closed as declined mean your organisation was not eligible to become a 1st4sport recognised centre based on the information provided.

Those organisations whose applications have been closed within the system confirming application agreed will be contacted by an external quality assurer (EQA) to arrange and conduct a recognition and approval visit within 20 working days. The purpose of this visit is to confirm your compliance with the Recognition and Approval Criteria. Once the EQA has conducted their visit, they will report back to us on your suitability to be a 1st4sport recognised centre.

STEP 4: Recognised centre status is granted.

The EV will report the outcomes of their visit to the 1st4sport Quality Management Team and, within five working days of receipt of their report, we will confirm your status as a 1st4sport recognised centre to you via email. You’ll then be approved to deliver the qualification you applied to deliver.

We look forward to welcoming you as a 1st4sport recognised centre.