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Four Steps to Become Approved to Deliver an Additional Qualification

If you’re already a 1st4sport recognised centre and now want to add to your qualification provision, you need to complete this four-step process.

STEP 1: Choose the additional qualification(s) you are interested in delivering.

There are plenty of qualifications to choose from. Take your pick from over 150 accredited qualifications by visiting the ‘Our Qualifications’ section of the website.

STEP 2: Email [email protected] identifying the qualification you would like to seek qualification approval for.

Once you’ve chosen the qualification you want to become approved to deliver you need to make sure your organisation has an appropriately qualified workforce and the facilities to offer it.

STEP 3: Complete the Qualification Approval Application form.

Once you havesubmitted your interest via email, we will create and submit the Qualification Approval Application. You will be sent a guidance document, providing you with information to help you complete your application.

Once you have completed this application, you need to send it to us by clicking the submit button. We will then review your application.

STEP 4: Your qualification approval status is confirmed.

We aim to review applications within five working days of receipt. In the event that we require additional information, we will return the application to you via the system and you will be sent an automated email, informing you that it has been returned. Please access the system and open the application to review the public comments contained in the section of the form that you completed. Respond to the feedback and resubmit the form to us.

Once we have reviewed your application, we will confirm by email your suitability to deliver the qualification and will close the application within the system, confirming ‘approval granted’ or ‘approval declined’.

This process usually takes 10 working days. So, if you have a date in mind when you plan to offer your course, please make sure you allow enough time to complete this process.