1st4sport Level 3 Diploma in Sports Coaching and Performance

Qualification Number: 603/4826/4

The 1st4sport Level 3 Diploma in Sports Coaching and Performance is intended for post-16 learners who wish to develop knowledge, understanding and the skills required to establish a career pathway within the area of sports coaching and performance. if successful, you may be eligible to progress to higher education or alternatively you may be able to source employment or fulfil roles within the area.

The 1st4sport Level 3 Diploma in Sports Coaching and Performance provides you with an introduction to the performance sports environment including aspects of applying nutrition to sports performance and how to plan, deliver and review coaching programmes. In addition, you will learn to support athletes through lifestyle change and using technical and tactical skills to support athletes performance.

You will understand the sporting landscape, performance pathways and the impact of lifestyle and the media on sports performance. You will also study nutrition and psychology in a sports performance context. 

The qualification consists of eleven mandatory units.

  • Apply Nutrition to Sport Performance
  • Apply Psychology for Sports Performance and Excellence
  • The Role of the Programme Coach
  • Plan a Coaching Programme
  • Deliver a Coaching Programme
  • Review a Coaching Programme
  • The Sporting Landscape and Performance Pathways
  • The Impact of Lifestyle and the Media on Sports Performance
  • Understanding Technical Skills to Achieve Excellence in Sport
  • Understanding Tactical Skills to Achieve Excellence in Sport
  • Support Athletes through Lifestyle Change

The content has been designed to cover the knowledge and skills required for entry to work in a performance sports environment, within athlete support roles.

Prior to registration for the qualification you are required to:

  • be accurately identified
  • be at least 16 years of age
  • hold a relevant level 2 coaching/ sport qualification
  • be able to communicate effectively in English (this includes listening, speaking, reading and writing).

This qualification is designed to prepare to enter employment in the sports coaching and performance environment, facilitating support roles related to high level performance. 

The qualification will also prepare you for entry into higher education. Higher education routes which may be available to you include:

  • Sports Coaching
  • Sports Science
  • Sports Studies

This qualification may help to support progression to higher education in the areas of sports science, sports and exercise studies or sports coaching. Higher education institutions may require learners to achieve additional level 3 qualifications in order to meet their entry requirements. Alternatively learners may look to progress to a HND or foundation degree rather than progressing straight to an undergraduate programme

Fees are charged per learner and provide registration and certification for the qualification and a Certificate.

There are no costs involved in applying or becoming a 1st4sport recognised centre. Further information on fees is available in your qualification application pack.