1st4sport Level 1 Award in Coaching Tennis

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Qualification Number: 501/2334/8

The 1st4sport Level 1 Award in Coaching Tennis has been developed in partnership with The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), employers of tennis coaching assistants and the tennis industry. The qualification is designed to develop your knowledge and skills of tennis coaching, enabling you to gain employment as a tennis coaching assistant of safe, inclusive, ethical and effective Mini Tennis activities to children, under the supervision of a minimum of a Level 3 LTA Accredited+ coach. 100% of the learning that you will receive will support you in being able to assist a Level 3 (minimum) Accredited Coach to deliver coaching activities and sessions.

The qualification is composed of seven mandatory units and will give you eight credits. During your achievement of the qualification you will complete the following learning outcomes:

  • understand the roles, responsibilities and the limitations of a tennis coaching assistant working at this level
  • have a full understanding of the structure of Mini Tennis.
  • have a basic knowledge of tactics, techniques and the rules of tennis
  • be able to motivate and inspire young people to play Mini Tennis
  • be able to use effective verbal and non verbal communication skills
  • be able to organise tennis activities in a variety of venues constructively and safely
  • be able to assist in the planning and delivery of a structured lesson.

Programmes of learning and assessment are three-days long; days one and two will be followed by a gap of three to six weeks during which you will be expected to assist a Level 3 (minimum) LTA Accredited+ coach for at least three hours and complete a series of written assessment tasks. You will then return for a third day when your written tasks will be assessed and you will be assessed delivering an on-court coaching activity.

The National Governing Body for Tennis (The Lawn Tennis Association) recognises the Level 1 qualification as the industry standard for tennis coaches embarking on a coaching career. Additionally, the LTA Coaching Pathway is recognised at the highest level by the sport’s international Governing Body, the International Tennis Federation.

The qualification has the support of CIMSPA, the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity, as an industry-relevant qualification contributing to the industry’s professional framework, and it is recognised by, and has the support of a range of employers, including tennis clubs, schools and colleges, as the sole qualification for those looking to begin a career in coaching tennis. The qualification is also endorsed by the lead agency for coaching, UK Coaching, as meeting its UKCC criteria.

The qualification is designed to enable you to gain employment in a paid or voluntary role as a Tennis Coaching Assistant, supporting other more qualified coaches (minimum of a Level 3) delivering Mini Tennis sessions to groups of young tennis players. Holders of this qualification are not trained to coach individual lessons.

As a Level 1 Tennis Coaching Assistant, you will be qualified to assist the delivery of group coaching sessions and tennis activity sessions in:

  • Clubs and Tennis Centres
  • Schools
  • Park Sites and Leisure Facilities

acting under the direct supervision of a Level 3 (minimum) LTA Accredited+ coach.

This qualification is the first rung on the tennis coaching career pathway if you have limited experience of the sport, or coaching. It is an ideal introduction to, and serves as a prerequisite for, coaching tennis for inexperienced coaches looking to access the 1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Tennis.

To be qualified to coach completely independently you would need to achieve the 1st4sport Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Tennis. Click here for further information on how you can progress on the LTA Coaching Pathway.

If you already hold the LTA Tennis Assistant’s Certificate of Attendance, a Certificate of Education in Physical Education or a recognised Level 2 UKCC-endorsed coaching qualification, you may be able to bypass this qualification; and seek direct access to the 1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Tennis.

You don’t need to hold any specific qualifications to access a programme of training for this qualification; however you do need to be 16 years of age on the first day of the course and have, via the LTA Safeguarding Department, a clear enhanced DBS check prior to registering for the qualification or hold a signed letter of deployment from the venue where you will be doing your assisting.

On completion of this qualification, there are a variety of routes to follow to progress your career and training, including paid or voluntary roles as a Tennis Coaching Assistant in education, park sites, community venues and local tennis clubs. You will also be eligible to join the LTA Coach Accreditation scheme.

You might decide to use the skills and knowledge developed through this qualification to progress further up the tennis coaching career pathway, or to access other industry-relevant qualifications in coaching other sports, activity leadership, supporting PE in schools sport and sports development.

The qualification is part of a progressive suite designed to support your development as a tennis coach. Following a period of practice as a qualified Level 1 Coaching Assistant, your next step on the LTA Coaching Pathway would be:

  •  1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Tennis – A Level 2 Tennis Coach is trained to lead the delivery of group coaching and tennis activity sessions under the umbrella programme of a minimum of a Level 3 Accredited coach. A level 2 Coach is not qualified to work completely independently; a Level 3 Coach must provide regular guidance and support.

Alternative pathways to the LTA Coaching Pathway are:

  • an Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Coaching Tennis. The Intermediate Apprenticeship involves being assessed coaching tennis within a real workplace in order to achieve the 1st4sport Level 2 Diploma in Coaching Tennis (this qualification is only available as part of this apprenticeship, and does not form part of the LTA Coaching Pathway) as well as achieving functional skills qualifications. The Apprenticeship is ideal for you if you are fully committed to a career in coaching tennis and you have secured paid employment at a tennis centre/club (minimum 30 hours per week, minimum £95 per week wage) in a coaching role.

The apprenticeship programme is a much longer programme than the 1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Tennis; an Intermediate Apprenticeship must last a minimum of 12 months.

Recognised centres offering this qualification determine their own fees, and they will vary from centre to centre. The fees charged should entitle you to a programme of learning and assessment, registration and certification for the qualification, a 1st4sport Learner Pack and appropriate learning resources. For further information on the costs of courses, please contact a recognised centre. Opportunities for funding may be available via a recognised centre, if you are eligible.