ACTIVTECHs are technical qualifications in sport and physical activity, offered as an alternative to GCSE and A-levels.

Working in sport is all about building relationships, connecting with children, young people and adults – from diverse walks of life – to help them feel comfortable. But this requires practical, real-life experience. On an ACTIVTECH, young people gain plenty of this. For example, they may run a multi-skills session for a group of children or support the delivery of PE in school.

Harnessing the power of sport to build personal skills

ACTIVTECHs are all about learning-through-doing. They are designed to bring out young people’s inner-confidence to connect with others, from all walks of life.

Patience, empathy, leadership and communications skills are the qualities they will develop. Personal qualities that will stand young people in good stead, whatever path they choose.

Benefits of ACTIVTECHs:

  • Versatile: choose the sport or physical activity that interests you. This could be for example football, cricket, netball, orienteering or wrestling.
  • Recognised by sector employers and universities.
  • Level 3 Diplomas are guaranteed to carry UCAS points.
  • Even in the short-term, they give you options to secure enjoyable, part-time roles (in coaching, physical activity or as a holiday club co-ordinator) alongside your chosen career or further study.
  • You can gain other qualifications at the same time – no extra teaching required.

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